Calibration & Metrology Solutions

Game-Changing Calibration Software

Modus-O was originally designed as a CMMS software platform for the calibration and metrology industry. The science of measurement is a vital part of many industries in ensuring that equipment is functioning to specification. Our platform provides unique tools for calibration and validation, while ensuring that each and every procedure is verified and that test points are recorded accurately, whether in the field or in your calibration lab. Certificates distinguish between accredited and non-accredited assets, in compliance and out of compliance equipment, and adapts its reporting based on collected test results.

calibration certificate

Calibration Certificates

Modus-O quickly generates calibration certificates, including those for accredited assets that conform to NIST,  ISO 17025 & ANSI Z540 standards. Certificates are customizable to include your company logo, decision rule criteria, disclaimers and seal from your A2LA accreditation, PJLA accreditation or ANAB accreditation. Historical certificates are stored and available for viewing by both your internal users and your clients via the client portal.

Calibration Uncertainties

We take the pain out of uncertainties. Our groundbreaking method of calculating and applying uncertainty factors will satisfy both your quality manager and your auditors!

Modus-O applies base specifications like resolution, accuracy, and temperature to automatically generate the combined uncertainty for each range specified. Those base specifications then combine with asset specific data, including repeatability and reproducibility factors. Our platform includes special work order types for gathering repeatability and reproducibility data for an asset. Expanded Uncertainties dynamically update during the calibration process.

work order dispatch

Work Order Dispatch

Modus-O dispatching software provides an easy interface to create work orders for both your field technicians and in-house lab calibrations. Work Orders may be as simple as a single asset or large multi-asset work orders, which you can assign to multiple team members with a team lead designated. Our Build Line Items feature automatically creates work order lines for each asset and its related procedures. Assigned personnel receive an email or text when work is dispatched.

Client Portal

Modus-O includes a powerful portal for client access. Your clients can view all assets for any account and location specified in portal setup. They can update limited information on the asset including customer asset and part number.

Clients can request service on one or more assets, which stages a pending work order ready for dispatch.


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