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Experience seamless service management with Modus-O; a comprehensive field service, dispatching, calibration and asset management system. We simplify complex procedures and data validation while catering to diverse service industries.


Modus-O is a groundbreaking platform that combines asset management, dispatching, calibration, quality control, operational procedures and guidance for almost any service industry.


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Whether you are a one-man shop or a multinational enterprise with tens of thousands of employees, there are
Modus-O options available.

Industries We Serve

Modus-O provides services for a wide array of industries, including manufacturing, construction, life science, food service, automotive, public sector, metrology, oil and gas, and quality assurance. We understand the unique needs of each sector and leverage our expertise to deliver solutions that drive cost-effectiveness, reduce downtime, and enhance overall performance. Choosing Modus-O means choosing a partner that is committed to helping you achieve sustainable success in your industry.


Modus-O provides advanced calibration procedures including validated tolerances, certificate management, and selectable standards. Modus-O requires no app download, runs on any standard browser, and works even while offline.

Modus-O provides powerful features to manage not just your assets, but those of your clients. Assets can be any object including buildings, vehicles, tools, and more. A wide variety of common attributes like serial number, manufacturer, model and asset tag numbers are built-in. Modus-O allows you to manage the asset lifecycle from acquisition through retirement and destruction, and tracks maintenance on your assets. Our integrated work order dispatch and procedure management even handles service and maintenance performed on your assets.

Modus-O Procedure Manager offers a central repository for structuring and documenting the way your work is performed. This ensures repeatable, quality tested results on each and every job. Additionally, our built-in auditing offers further assistance with regulatory compliance.

Modus-O includes a powerful API and has pre-built interfaces to several ERP systems to make integration with other systems quite simple. Use these interfaces to automatically sync accounts, contacts, and even assets to Modus-O.

You haven’t really experienced field service until you’ve used the incredible Modus-O platform on a mobile device. Using leading-edge browser technology, Modus-O offers unparalleled access to data whether you have signal or not… without using an app. Mobile users have full access to customer and service data including service history, knowledge base articles, and more. The first time you complete a work order while in Airplane Mode on your mobile phone or tablet will make you realize how unique Modus-O truly is.


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