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Enterprise Features for Service Industries

Modus-O is truly an enterprise system that touches each and every department of a company. Modus-O has features for assisting human resources with job candidates, helping service departments maintain equipment, managing daily field operations, providing interfaces to ERP systems and providing reporting to key decision makers. Patent Pending 15/069,567

Modus-O Asset Management

Asset Management

Modus-O provides powerful features to manage not just your assets, but those of your clients. Assets can be any tangible object including buildings, vehicles, tools, and more. A wide variety of common attributes like serial and asset tag numbers are built-in, and Modus-O offers unlimited configuration of custom properties.

Modus-O Auditing and Compliance

Auditing/Regulatory Compliance

Modus-O Procedure Management offers a central repository for structuring and documenting the way your work is performed. This insures repeatable, quality tested results on each and every job. Additionally, our qualifications management and built-in auditing offer further assistance with regulatory compliance.

Modus-O and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Modus-O is built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a global leader in customer relationship management systems. This means that all Modus-O asset, service, procedure, and qualification data can be easily combined with sales, marketing, and customer service data to provide a true 360° view of your organization.

Modus-O Deployment Options

Deployment Options

Whether you need a package that can be installed in your corporate data center, or want an entirely cloud-hosted solution, Modus-O can deliver. We offer both a cloud-hosted solution housed in our SAS-70 certified data center and an on-premise version that is ready for your Microsoft Dynamics CRM installation.

Modus-O ERP Integration

ERP/Systems Integration

Since Modus-O is built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, integration with other systems including ERP solutions like Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics GP, and Microsoft Dynamics SL is quite simple. Integration between CRM and many other systems from Quickbooks to SAP is offered from multiple third-party vendors.

Modus-O Field Service

Field Service/Mobility

You haven’t really experienced field service until you’ve used the incredible Modus-O mobile software. Our custom mobile solution offers unparalleled access to data whether you have signal or not. Mobile users have full access to customer and service data including service history, knowledge base articles, and instructional videos. Our patent-pending Mobile Procedure Execution Engine sets Modus-O apart from all competition.

Modus-O Human Resources

Human Resources

Modus-O includes a rich set of features for Human Resource managers. Modus-O tracks and manages employee qualifications like licenses, certifications, education, and specialized skills, and uses those qualifications to insure that only qualified employees can be assigned to specific jobs.

Modus-O Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

Modus-O builds on and expands the power of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Knowledge Base. Not only can you organize and manage a variety of information sources like forms, guidelines, and policies, Modus-O supports multimedia files like drawings, schematics, photos, and video. Modus-O ties Knowledge Base information directly to procedures performed in the field to offer truly unique on-the-job training capabilities.

Modus-O Mapping & Geotracking


Knowing where your employees and assets are at all times can be very important especially when trying to operate as efficiently as possible. The Modus-O mobile client has built-in geotracking to provide real-time and historical information like location, speed and assigned personnel.

Modus-O Safety and Environmental

Safety & Environmental

Maintaining a safe working environment is vital to every business and Modus-O helps deliver the kind of information workers want and need. Mobile features like visual warning indicators on hazardous assets and safety notes on job locations convey important information on the spot.