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Field Service/Mobility

Modus-O will change the way you think about field service and mobility.

The Modus-O app for your tablet or smartphone, greatly increases mobility, availability and usability. Field personnel can use its many features and advantages to increase efficiency and accuracy. Our product gives complete step-by-step guidance through complex procedures, visual indicators of tolerance ranges, ideal values, and safe minimums and maximums, and quick access to knowledge base, product manuals, photos, and diagrams. It also displays team members and location maps at the touch of a button.

Modus-o also has additional guidance for field personnel such as:

  • Configurable data collection capabilities for every procedure and individual process step
  • Data validation and exception handling
  • GPS navigation & Geotracking
  • Signature collection
  • Complete access to service history
  • Work order dispatch
  • Quote generation
  • Mobile printing support

Modus-o also has an “Offline Mode” that allows field technicians to pull down work orders, including visual step by step guidance and all associated account, asset, and special instructions, to a local and encrypted database on their mobile devices. This enables them to fully perform their work functions when neither 3G/4G nor Wi-Fi are available, and when your device is back online, all offline data is synchronized with the back office.