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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Shift smoothly between business functions.

Modus-o was designed with your whole business in mind. It not only helps run the service function of your business, it also helps you coordinate your sales, marketing, and other core functions. Our product is completely built on a foundation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM/XRM platform, so it integrates business functions for you. Because it is built on a Customer Relationship Management system and accesses the same account and contact data that sales and marketing do, you don’t have to worry about issues with syncing or interfacing.

In addition, Modus-o can use data collected in the field to proactively drive your sales and marketing efforts. Our product can anticipate your customer needs by analyzing buying and service patterns, target your marketing efforts more effectively, improve customer service through centralized information and history and overall help coordinate all areas of business through the following:

  • Automate workflows to reduce or eliminate repetitive tasks
  • Manage all interactions with clients from email communications, to letters, and faxes
  • Track your salespersons activities, prospects, and close rates
  • Share account, contact, sales and service data between Modus-o and CRM
  • Manage your sales pipeline for a salesperson, department, business unit or entire organization
  • Produce built-in reports for instant access to vital company information