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About Us

Modus-O, based in Louiville, Kentucky, is a leading edge technology-based company that believes disseminating information to your techs via a mobile device is beneficial to the productivity and success of your business. Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for techs to do their job in the field without the paperwork, trips back to the office, or frustration of traditional methods of performing tasks and recording info.

Modus-O was created because of the expense and frustrations of using other software. Our goal is to fix these issues and provide a solution that keeps giving back. What sets us apart from other servicing systems is that we are continually improving our product to meet the needs of our customers.


 What makes Modus-O unique?

  • We offer a leading edge software solutions for any service industry
  • Our program is built on and fully integrated with Microsoft CRM so that you can easily manage your contacts and clients, send emails, and view reports
  • We take customer feedback to continually improve our product to meet your needs
  • Modus-O is offered as both a hosted solution and an on-premise solution
  • Everything is easy to use and comes with help and support